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Petitioning Education Minister - Manitoba Provincial Government Hon. Nancy Allen

Support Bill 18 - Safe Schools Amendment /Anti-Bullying Bill/GSA Inclusion

This bill is important because it will create legislation that allows bullying behaviours to be investigated by teachers and administrators. The bill supports the inclusion of a GSA (gay-straight alliance) in all schools (public or independent) if a student requests to start one.  Let our Education Minister know that you believe in what our Provincial Governmetn is creating - safe schools for all.

Letter to
Education Minister - Manitoba Provincial Government Hon. Nancy Allen
We believe in safe schools for everyone. The amendments in Bill 18 will create safe and welcoming environments for students in ALL schools, public and independent. The inclusion of GSAs in schools for students that want to start them will let gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and two-spirit students know that they matter. Thank you for creating safer schools for ALL students.

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