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Support Benner's Farm

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Benners Farm is a working farm in Setauket. For nearly 40 years, this family has embraced the history of their land and continued farming this land as settlers have done since the mid 1700's. The Benners graciously open their "home" to the community and allow us to see what it means to be a working farm. They educate children on field trips as to what the concept of "from the field to the table" really means. Farms raise livestock and harvest crops to feed people. Their farm is not a zoo, it's their livelihood. A group of people are now threatening the Benners livelihood, picketing the farm, making threats of violence and trying to ban the farmers from feeding their family with the food they produce or raise on their own personal farm. Bashing them in the media, dragging their good name through the mud on social media. Scaring children outside of the farm and during birthday parties (that parents spend good money on) by holding up signs that read "would you eat your dog or cat". For children that dont know why they are picketing, all they see is people holding signs saying to eat your dog... Very unfortunate choice of wording to get their point across to adults. They are interfering with the Benners ability to feed their family. Calling them monsters. Trying to create an uprising to put them out of business and wreak financial hardship on a family who has deep roots in the community. All because they choose to eat the food they produce? Shame on them and Share this petition if you feel these protestors need to back off and allow the Benners to continue living their life as they choose on their family farm.

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