Support a revised affordable housing project at 2550 Irving Street in the Sunset.

Support a revised affordable housing project at 2550 Irving Street in the Sunset.

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Mid-Sunset Neighborhood Association started this petition to District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar and

The Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Association (TNDC) with the approval from The Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD)  and support from Supervisor Gordon Mar was selected to develop, build and manage a 100-unit 100% low income housing complex at 2550 Irving Street, the current location of the Police Credit Union.

This building is planned to be 7 stories, house 300+ residents and provide only 11 parking spaces. This is the only affordable housing development in the city completely surrounded by small 1 and 2-family homes, which would be overshadowed and overwhelmed by the building's huge scale. It will be 4 times the square footage of the biggest building in the neighborhood and the tallest affordable housing development in the Sunset. No additional neighborhood improvements or infrastructure investments are proposed.

The pandemic is making it impossible for the whole community, especially elderly people and those without internet access, to express their concerns and opinions about this project. Despite this, the development is being rushed forward without sufficient community feedback and engagement.

The Mid-Sunset Neighborhood Association, comprised of immediate neighbors, is supportive of an affordable housing development at 2550 Irving Street that is reasonably integrated for the benefit of new and existing residents and businesses.

We request that the developers (MOHCD & TNDC) and Supervisor Gordon Mar truly engage with the community in good faith to make this development a success and take the following steps to achieve that:

  • Reduce the height of the building from 7 stories to 4 stories and design an exterior in harmony with the distinctive Sunset style, particularly given the surrounding blocks’ Parkway Terrace Historic District designation. The design should incorporate setbacks on the North side to reduce encroachment on immediately adjacent 1 and 2-story houses.

    Other proposed affordable housing units in the Sunset are 4-5 stories high and are more consistent with what successful affordable housing in CA looks like according to research.

  • Guarantee that
    • 40% of the population will actually be from the Sunset
    • 50% will actually be families with children, as is in keeping with the intention of the development and with what has been advertised publicly.
  • Adjust the affordable housing tenant mix to include moderate/middle income in order to be more balanced and supportive of working families (including teachers, health-care workers, essential workers) and seniors, as these groups don’t currently qualify for the majority of units skewed to special population/formerly homeless & extremely/very low income.

  • Increase the parking-to-unit ratio from 11% ratio to 25% (proposed 11 parking spots for 100 units/300+people).

  • Assess the level of needs of the 20% special population/formerly homeless and provide adequate social services, security & maintenance – for their benefit and the surrounding community.

  • Pay for and conduct the necessary studies to understand traffic, soil toxicity, public safety and MUNI impact and propose ways to mitigate any problems. A full Environmental Impact Review is necessary with such a large project.

  • Study the impacts of construction & development on immediate neighbors and propose ways to mitigate problems – including accommodations for shade, privacy, construction impact, etc.

  • In addition to small working group meetings, continue to hold live public community meetings with 2-way communication accessible to all. Extend the project timeline if necessary to account for the pandemic.

  • Incorporate the results of community feedback and surveys into the development, allow opportunity for review and additional feedback by the community prior to submitting plans to the Planning Department.

Please sign the petition from the Mid-Sunset Neighborhood Association in favor of a reasonably integrated affordable housing project at 2550 Irving Street with proper community input and engagement.



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* Disclaimer: images of the buildings are for height representation only, not actual designs proposed.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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