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                       SUPPORT A BILL OF RIGHTS

The overwhelming majority of Australians are open minded, fair going, tolerable and peace loving individuals who also had ENOUGH of listening to the repetitive hate rhetoric systematically set against the minorities from the agitators within the politicians and the conservative zealots of the media.

Australian Muslims are exhausted from being continuously questioned about their allegiance. It is a form of collective punishment to endure the insults of these agitators. Now they have to bear Pauline Hanson’s offensive call for a Muslim ban.

Fear politicians like Pauline Hanson, Jacqui Lambie or Andrew Bolt from within the media are obsessed to a level of intoxication with alien issues of “Sharia law” and the inconsequential “halal food”. Never mind that the later is orchestrated by the economics of supply and demand.

Yet they continue to display little beyond a ZERO understanding of what these concepts actually entail. It has become farcical listening to these agitators propagating their uneducated guesses with phrases like “Sharia law”. To begin with, this is an annoying tautology, like “apple fruit”. All foolishly dished out.

“Sharia” is a phantom issue for the wider Australian community, because it is, and will always remain non-existent. There is a relatively insignificant number of Muslims in proportion to our population; for a very long time yet. Moreover, “Sharia” (sans the “law” suffix) is not what these clueless agitators portray it to be.  It has its parallels with our own “common law”. Sharia is mainly derived from the “Sunnah” as the documented rulings of the prophet Muhammad on any topic, even food and medicine, and considering the facts and circumstances of the very case; very much like what occurs in our own courts today. These rulings are similarly arguable from the specific facts. You may be persuaded to follow it, or not. Hence Muslims question and argue today about the authority and source of the burqa. More crucial, just as common law stands as a second tier source of authority to our statute law, “Sunnah” is second tier to the Quran.

The purpose of this petition is to also allow Australian Muslims present their own understanding of Sharia and allegiance.  In summary:  Sharia is not repugnant to the laws of the land. 

Confining ourselves to facts, Islamic history records the first wave of immigration by a small group of Muslims (known as the First Hejra). The holy prophet guided them to seek refuge in the Christian monarchy of Abyssinia. The Emperor Negus was a devout Christian, but the prophet comforted these immigrants assuring them they could practice their religion free from fear, declaring him to be a just and noble ruler. Later on, when an envoy of Meccans pursued these immigrants, they appealed to the Emperor to release them into their custody. In their appeal, the Meccans attempted their own firebrand of hate politics (still polished & practiced today) by ignorantly asserting that Islam disrespects Christianity. The Muslims denied the allegations and recited verses of the chapter “Mary” from the holy Quran. It is even a rare honor for the holy book to endow a chapter’s name to anybody, save someone very special. The Emperor became tearful upon hearing the beauty of the verses glorifying Mary, and he vowed never to give up the Muslims.

This historical incident has its own parallels for many Australian Muslims today, for what is history if we can not learn from it?

Whether these agitators are historically embodied as the “bloody minded Meccans”, or today being the right-wing fear politicians, the bad faith media commentators, their skewed rhetoric can only be reduced to ignorance, bigotry and hate. This is actually a better characterization of being “un-Australian”. They should speak for themselves, for we are not among their viewpoint of “US”, or what constitutes “Australian values”.

Australian Muslims are better placed to understand what “Sharia” is. Without external influence or ambiguity, immigrants must respect and observe to the “laws of the land”. This is “Sharia”- PERIOD. In acknowledging this crystal clear rule, further public discussion about any other falsehood must be extinguished. Any person who transgresses our state laws is under a Sharia obligation to stand answerable to our system of justice- PERIOD.

It is time that Australians combat the professional disturbances of intolerance through a legal code. Bigotry could be silenced through a BILL OF RIGHTS. It will codify all our basic human rights treasured and held by all decent Australians, including the Freedom to Religion.

The undersigned petitioners state:

      “ We, the undersigned of any religious or non-religious persuasion declare it as an act of oppression, intimidation and incursion of peace when vulnerable minorities are continuously questioned about their allegiances, or given the offensive ultimatum to leave the country or be subjected to a ban.

       We the undersigned petitioner call upon all  fair minded politicians and balanced members within the media  to denounce these incursions as an infringement of the Australian’s fundamental  right to live in peace and their freedom of religion.  

       We the undersigned call upon Parliament to embody all  these grass roots Australian values into a Bill of Rights.”



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