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Stop the destruction of effective traffic flow on 280N and San Jose Ave.

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As part of the SFMTA's Traffic Calming efforts, the SFMTA has reduced northbound lanes on San Jose Avenue (SJA) from three lanes to two, and intends to reduce the number of freeway exit lanes from two lanes to one. Reducing northbound lanes between the freeway offramp and the Randall intersection from three lanes to two has already had a negative effect, as documented by SFMTA's own data. It has:

  - Caused traffic overflow to side streets where there's greater bicycle & pedestrian traffic, increasing probability of accidents and near-misses
  - Caused traffic standstill (see 1 minute video of the exit in question)
  - Caused greater car emissions and noise in the adjacent areas
  - Deterred effective traffic flow into Bernal, Noe, Glen Park, Mission, while providing no tangible benefits for the community

The further reduction of freeway exit lanes from two lanes to one will also:
  - Cause traffic to back up on 280, where greater speed variances will cause more incidents with greater severity.

So far, the justification for this San Jose Avenue traffic pilot is to:
1. Increase safety for cyclists & pedestrians ( who would be better served on Mission st. or Arlington (both adjacent and parallel, with much slower traffic)
2. Revert the SJA exit off I-280 to pre-Loma Prieta form (when the city had far fewer residents and motor vehicle flow)
3. Reduce speeds

Reducing speeds is justified if there's data to show the corridor is currently unsafe. So far, the SFMTA has provided no data to indicate this corridor is more unsafe than others. This project imposes a huge cost to the community and drivers, yet provides few unnecessary results, with almost guaranteed costs for the community and all drivers.
We urge Supervisor Wiener and the SFMTA to reconsider this project and other traffic calming measures from a holistic level, taking into account motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists, doing what's best for the greater proportion overall.

Given that:
the southern portion of the city has grown greatly since the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, and many of those new residents commute to the Peninsula by car or shuttle, and there are parallel streets with businesses and homes that are more suitable as pedestrian-and bike-friendly routes,

We propose the San Jose Avenue road diet pilot is not the best use of our city's streets for the greatest number of people, as it imposes a much greater safety risk, greater pollution and congestion. Please sign here if you agree!

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