We, the undersigned, seek to restore respect and dignity to the Board of Supervisors and the 5th Supervisorial District of Sonoma County. It is imperative that Supervisor Efren Carrillo, having been arrested twice in less than a year, resign from office immediately.

His most recent arrest demonstrates that Mr. Carrillo cannot avoid legal trouble. We therefore ask that he no longer represent the 5th District as a member of the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors. We strongly believe he is incapable of governing and should instead focus on resolving his personal issues.

For the future of Sonoma County and the office he currently holds, we ask that he do the honorable thing at this time and resign from public office.

Letter to
Supervisor, 5th District, Sonoma County Efren Carrillo
Supervisor, 2nd District, Sonoma County David Rabbitt
Supervisor, 3rd District, Sonoma County Shirlee Zane
and 2 others
Supervisor, 1st District, Sonoma County Susan Gorin
Supervisor, 4th District, Sonoma County Mike McGuire
Dear Efren Carrillo (cc Board of Supervisors)

Please resign now so that you may focus on resolving your personal issues – without compromising the integrity of the office of Supervisor for the 5th District of Sonoma County.

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