Dedicated Netball channel

Dedicated Netball channel

5 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lifalethu Khumalo

Netball South Africa President, Cecilia Molokwane wrote:

Let me start this, look at the time I have been watching sport the whole day believe you me even F1.

The sad part is Netball being the biggest female Federation in the country, second biggest from Football I still cannot switch on TV and watch Netball on a channel of Netball.

We need to now start making a lot of noise together, my voice alone cannot be heard and it cannot be loud enough.

We need a Netball Channel on TV , we have enough content to show of Netball from schools, clubs, universities and all other Netball activities that we have, repeats of other sporting codes are played and ours, one need to ask for them if one need to see them.

I am worried because we are hosting the World Cup in 2 years to come and how will people follow Netball is they don't see it, remember people follow what they can see and associate with.

How do we promote Netball when it is only aired on certain events?
How do we #TakingNetballBackToThePeople
#magnificent3m when we are no where to be seen.

How to we get the cooperate World to support us when we are not visible?

Enough is enough now.
Genoeg is Genoeg.

It's time for our own TV Channel who agree with me?

Let's make this go viral.

Let's not only like , however let's comment to, we need this to seriously go viral if you can kindly share it.

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Signatures: 4,666Next Goal: 5,000
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