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Supernatural Season 13 Boycott

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(The King of Hell on his throne as it should be.)

Crowley and Mark deserved better and this is our chance to let them know. Crowley girls join with me and sign this petition to show the writers exactly how many fans they've lost.  

Even if it's true that Mark Sheppard did in fact want to leave the show that was no way to handle. it. That was utterly disgraceful and disrespectful to Mark and the fans.

He has expressed his dislike for the whole arc regarding his character in Season 12 specifically the Lucifer arc. I can't help but agree. Crowley keeping him alive for petty revenge only to then sacrifice himself when Lucifer gets out from some sort of loophole in the warding? That's the best they could write?

To make matters worse, Mark choose the last lines for his character's departure, the character he has been playing for 7 years and they cut the line. The writers have gone too far this time!

They should have kept both Crowley and Cas or at least offered him an option to come back as something. Maybe a guest star, a couple of episodes, a human!hunter Crowley or an Alt-version Crowley or something. This feels like a slap in the face for Crowley girls. And sadly, Crowley's sacrfice is shadowed by Cas's death.

The finale was gut-wretching and their blatent disregard for the fans has gone on long enough. Crowley girls lets unite and take a stand against the finale!


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