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Keep Castiel for season 8 and Return Misha Collins as a Series Regular

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Dear Supernatural Producers and Writers,

Do you know the number one lesson that your series has taught our fandom? That family is everything and that without family you have nothing. This is what we have taken away from Supernatural.

Supernatural began as a journey of two brothers and through the years grew and changed. In season 4, you introduced the character of Castiel, who although initially was only scheduled for a few episodes ended up staying a lot longer.

If you’re asking yourself why this character managed to earn such a warm welcome from the fandom and ended up staying for so long, the answer is love. You created the character, Misha Collins brought him to life, and fans fell irrevocably in love with him.

Not having Castiel around in season 7 has been difficult. It’s hard to imagine that someone who wasn’t there from the first season can somehow make the show feel like home and yet when Castiel died, many of us were left feeling homesick and empty inside. As the season wraps up, this feeling hasn’t gone away. Quite the opposite, it has only gotten stronger.

We, the undersigned, love the show, we love the Winchester boys, and we love every single person who creates our beloved universe, but we feel incomplete without Castiel and without Misha Collins. They’re our family.

We understand that you have a story to tell and that you have chosen a direction to go – we just ask that you take a moment to listen to us, to really listen to what your fans are saying.

We don’t want to let Castiel go.

The character changed, yes. By the end of season 6, he became darker, reckless and did reprehensible things. We know he’s coming back, and we know he’ll make amends, and we know you’ll give us closure.

But we fear you’ll destroy our family in the process. We fear you’ll take Castiel away from us and never bring him back.

Please don’t take him away from us.

Write your story. Finish what you’ve started, but then find a way to bring him back.

Castiel is a character of faith after all. So we know that regardless of the direction that season 7 is going, there is always a way back and there is always hope. Right now, our faith is with you.

What we want is Castiel in season 8 and for Misha Collins to be a series regular again.

We're confident that we'll get a renewal announcement soon, and when that happens, we ask that you keep the core of our Supernatural family united for what could very well be the last season of the series.

Thank you for continuing to breathe life into a show that was only meant to be around for five seasons. We know that you love this show with the same fervor as we do and that is why we have no doubt that you’ll understand where we’re coming from.

With love and gratitude,
Your family (The Supernatural Fandom)


Created:  Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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