Supermarkets to sell or make larger nappies for children with additional support needs

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Supermarkets to sell or make larger nappies for children with additional support needs

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Started by Laura Rutherford

This petition is to ask supermarkets in the UK to provide or manufacture larger nappies for children with additional support needs, or children who are later to potty train.  


This request is in addition to the continence service, which provides nappies for parents of disabled children who are incontinent. Despite this beneficial service, there is huge demand for larger nappies as the service varies throughout the UK in terms of eligibility, referral age, waiting time and the number of nappies provided.  


As a result of this, parents are forced to buy online when they are either ineligible or simply require more nappies. These nappies come at a price and of course, you have to wait for delivery. To be able to go in to a supermarket and buy larger sizes would benefit many families, mine included.  


My son Brody is 4 years old. He is primarily undiagnosed with Global Development Delay, Autism, Epilepsy, hypotonia and hypermobility. He is non-verbal and not yet potty trained. He wears the largest size of nappy (6+) from Tesco and this is now too small.


I posted on Tesco's facebook page regarding this last year (Nov 15) and the response to date from others has been great in terms of support and understanding. You can find the post here


However, I am now asking all supermarkets to please consider this.  


In addition, I know a lot of us would love to see supermarkets sell bigger swimming nappies, so if they could consider this as well that would be great.


Here are some of the articles/blogs on this campaign so far, which is explain it all in more detail...


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Thanks for your support!

You can find me on Twitter @LauraRutherford and Facebook at Brody, Me & GDD



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This petition had 18,526 supporters

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