Supermarkets: Stop using plastic bags, reduce waste, protect our environment & wildlife.

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Collectively we use and discard over 1 TRILLION plastic bags each year, they take 1000s of years to decay and they harm thousands of species of ocean wildlife alone each year (In each square mile of ocean there is estimated to be 40,000+ pieces of plastic floating).

When I was a child in Bangladesh, the price of a bottle of Coca Cola was 14 Taka, if you returned the bottle you would receive 7 Taka back. The problem of pollution from such bottles was solved almost overnight. People collected them, customers drank outside the store and returned the bottle and some companies employed people to collect the bottles in return for an income.

I'm asking all major supermarkets to stop using cheap plastic bags altogether.  In time, better, environmentally friendly alternatives should be used. Supermarkets should encourage people with better incentives to reuse more environmentally friendly bags. The 5p charge for bags has had good results, but our bins are still full of bags, as are our oceans. 

Though part of the solution, biodegradable plastics require certain environmental conditions to break down and some contain within them toxic chemicals.They also linger in the seas and on land for hundreds of years.

The ubiquitous problem of plastic in our rivers, canal systems and eventually in our seas will not be solved overnight, but where possible, we must lead the way and stop using plastics in order to reduce their production. The 'plastic bag tax' is not a sustainable alternative to reducing plastic production and recycling. As a lover of wildlife and our green spaces, I cannot stress the importance of such a campaign.

The production of plastic exceeded 300m tonnes in 2014 and this figure is expected to rise to over 2000m tonnes by 2050. 

The effects are far reaching and complex, but we've all seen animal nests piled high with rubbish, beautiful sea creatures trapped in plastic, albatross and all forms of sea life dying due to consumption of plastics in one form or another. That's the clearly visible bit, far worse damage is done at a microbial level. This is not mere rhetoric, microbial epidemiology and pollution genomics show startling levels of pollution on land and in our oceans.

Ask yourself a simple question: "Do I want my children growing up in a world where pollution is the norm? Where, despite all our efforts to feed them healthy, naturally sourced foods, we expose them to unnecessary pollutants, pollutants that cause cancer among several other ailments and illnesses.

There are various alternatives to damaging plastics.  The cost of such products compared to profits made by our supermarkets is negligible.  

One of the safest and cheapest commercially available bags are starch based, renewable bags which are fully compostable.  They do not harm or contaminate our environment. Products labeled with the compostable ‘EN13432’ logo are verified non-harming products.  These bags will completely biodegrade at a similar rate to your home compost or within 60 days in a commercial compost system.

Consumers should be encouraged into using alternative reusable biodegradable bags, not plastics which harm our planet. Where this is not possible, EN13432 certified bags should be provided at a cost to the consumer, the profits should be used to combat the ever-growing problem of plastics polluting our planet. It beggars belief that supermarkets still churn out billions of plastic bags each year, handing out pollutants to consumers who buy their products. This is environmental crime that contributes to animal cruelty and it must stop. I’m urging all supermarkets to adopt the above proposals.

I grew up being educated by the programmes of Sir David Attenborough. I want my daughter to grow up in a better, cleaner world. I want her to see a less polluted world, the world shown to us in the wildlife documentaries I've watched my entire life. I want her to see the campaigns fought and the positive results. I want her to see the wishes of Sir Attenborough and like minded people, yourselves included, come true.

This should be a common concern of all mankind. 

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