Bring back supermarket shopping boxes

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As the world battles against the wave of plastic we are producing from straws to plastic bags many of us remember a time in the 90’s when we used neither paper bags nor plastic bags. Sainsbury’s and at the time Safeway, along with Morrison’s and Tesco provided plastic boxes to customers. Specially designed trolleys were provided to load the boxes on and as we went around the store we loaded them up with goods. At checkout we either unloaded and paid at the till as today and loaded back up, or we used scan and shop.

20+ years later these boxes are still used across the country for various purposes from laundry, to gardening tools, to even planters for potatoes.

The boxes could be made from recycled plastic, and hit one bird with two stones so to speak. Reuse large amounts of plastic, and phase out the usage of plastic bags and bags for life (which whilst lasting longer than single use, still don’t last for decades).

We ask the supermarkets to bring these boxes and trolleys back and take the final big step in removing plastic bags for good.