Sayville Ed Parent Petition

Sayville Ed Parent Petition

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kristina OMalley started this petition to Superintentdent and Board of Ed of Sayville Schools

This is a petition to the Superintendent of Sayville Schools and Board of Education.  The intent is to express our severe frustrations as parents in regard to Sayville's Hybrid Model.  We are requesting explanations of the current learning plan, and NY State DOH guidelines.  This is a call for action to implement a phased plan with measurable and attainable goals to return all students, K-12, to their buildings full time, 5 days a week.

We have just received communication from the District in regard to a change in the Secondary Ed schedule.  We are beyond disappointed and angry that the district felt this was a suitable response to Wednesdays.  We are insulted. While our cries for an improved Wednesday model cited boredom and too much free time in town, the POINT of our letter was to get Wednesdays back into a rotating schedule of IN PERSON INSTRUCTION. 

 We understand that you may be at the mercy of the DOH, CDC, and/or local and state governments and agencies.  However, we would like to be educated on the social distancing and face mask guidelines set forth.

 Below is a link from the NYS DOH regarding interim guidance for in person instruction, grades PreK to 12.

 We have copied and pasted some of the wording directly from the guidelines, and have added subsequent questions in response to the actions taken against these guidelines.

1.      "Specifically, appropriate PPE means, at least, an acceptable face covering, which is strongly recommended to be worn by all individuals at all times but is required to be worn any time or place that individuals cannot maintain appropriate social distancing."  

Q:  Masks are required where proper distance can't be met.  With masks being mandatory by staff and pupils, why is space still a hindrance to get all students back into the buildings? 

2.      "Social Distancing:  ...Specifically, appropriate social distancing means six feet of space in all directions between individuals or use of appropriate physical barriers between individuals…”

Q:  How come our district has not been able to secure dividers or partitions to help alleviate space constraints due to social distancing guidelines? 

 Q: Why do both criteria need to be met in these instances?  How is this being challenged?

Who are you speaking to, and how frequently?

3.      “Spaces: To reduce social density, Responsible Parties should consider and assess additional and/or alternate indoor space(s) that may be repurposed for instruction or other required purposes in support of in-person instruction within the school facility, school grounds, municipal facilities, municipal grounds, or community (e.g., community centers), as well as outdoor space(s) “

Q:  Has any considerations been made to taking over other buildings to potentially house the 6th grade for 5 day B&M instruction? They are elementary aged, being subject to a secondary schedule.  What specific considerations are being made to get them to a 5 day in person plan?  

The quality of education our children have received during this pandemic has been tremendously poor. It's time to bring back a phased plan to have the entire student body in classrooms. Our children are suffering.  Our teachers are suffering.  No parent, educator, or the like should see any hybrid model as an acceptable form of education.  It's detrimental to the emotional and social well-being of our children, teachers, and staff. It's a sacrifice we will not be able to measure, for a virus with a survival rate 99.997% for ages 0-19 (as per the CDC)!

 We are hopeful that all of these points and questions will be addressed at the BOE meeting this Thursday.  We suggest planning for a venue that can appropriately accommodate the community at large, who is as concerned and angered as we are, and looking for valid, sound explanations and plans to rectify the situation. 

 Thank you in advance for reading and addressing our concerns.

Thank you to the community and parents for supporting and signing this petition.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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