Keep Us Safe: Unhealthy Air Quality Should Cancel School For Bay Area This Week

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UPDATE: Link to press release from Mary Jane Burke

Comment your school district, superintendent, their name and email if you want them added as a petition decision maker (they'd receive petition updates)! Please email and call your school superintendents, principals, and officials! Help keep us safe.

Among multiple fires this year, the current wildfire has become a public health concern this week. People in the Bay Area have been affected by the smoke and ashes, wearing masks and staying indoors. Families have been brought together by the devastating fires in order to help family members evacuate and pack up homes and pets. Countless friends and families, throughout California have been personally affected by the fires, whether in health, loss of material possessions like homes and land, loss of pets, and even loss of life. In order to continue to strive to keep our children, our friends, and our family safe, this petition has been created to ask that schools in the Bay Area follow Sonoma County’s lead and close due to unhealthy air quality. This will allow families time to evacuate their belongings and family members and will help keep our students and children safe from the toxic and unsafe levels of smoke and ashes. Thank you on behalf of concerned parents, students, families, and community members.