Close down SD71 schools - Protect your students!

Close down SD71 schools - Protect your students!

February 28, 2021
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Tom Demeo (Superintendent) and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

Over the past 7 days, the Comox Valley has seen a staggering increase in exposures and cases of COVID-19 throughout the community. This has drawn an increase of concern amongst the students within SD71 as several of these exposures have taken place within the district. Schools include: Highland Secondary, Georges P. Vanier Secondary, Glacier View Secondary, Queneesh Elementary and Aspen Park Elementary. 

The lack of action taken to prevent an increase of cases within SD71 has highlighted their apathy towards protecting the health of their student body. Students report a lack of enforcement in terms of provincial health regulations within both Elementary and high schools alike. This is unacceptable. 

We want to emphasize WE FEEL UNSAFE GOING TO SCHOOL. We would appreciate the administrative staff of each highschool to consider this before dismissing students pleas to switch online in this time of uncertainty. 

It is our request that there is an immediate indefinite shutdown of all the schools within SD71. We request that this shutdown is sustained until the exposures within the Comox Valley (and preferably all of Vancouver Island) are under control so we can safely access our right to education.  

To clarify, this is not to evade assignments, courses or exams; this is not an academic issue. Many students are currently carrying the burden of putting their entire families at risk because our schools remain open. 

Please consider our request,

Comox Valley Students

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Signatures: 1,918Next Goal: 2,500
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Decision Makers

  • Tom DemeoSuperintendent
  • Jennifer WhitesideMinister of Education
  • Bonnie HenryProvincial Health Officer
  • School District 71