Change School's Sexist Dress Code

Change School's Sexist Dress Code

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Superintendent of the Hamilton School District Paul G. Mielke, Ph.D. and

Why this petition matters

Started by Sophia Dillow

The Diagram up above shows how discriminatory most dress codes are against women.

My Reasoning For this Petition:

I feel that the Hamilton School District dress code, like most dress codes, is sexist to girls, targeting only them, and not the boys. I feel that myself, or my parents, should be the only people that tell me what to wear. I don't care if you are a student, a parent, or a random person, if you agree with me please sign this!

This change will impact every student in the Hamilton School District including future students. Right now, the dress code is very outdated and targeted mostly at females, and I want to change that. No girl, especially young, should have to be told by an administrator that they cannot wear what they feel comfortable in. This is the dress code they have in place right now, spanning from grades K4 - 12:

Dress & Appearance
As stated in the Hamilton School District Board policy 443.1 concerning students’ dress code, it is a policy at TMS that students will attend school appropriately dressed. Any article of clothing or manner of hairstyle or make-up which is determined by the administration to interfere with the educational process is prohibited, including, but not limited to, expressions which are obscene, profane, pornographic, represents illegal behavior, demeans race, religion, sex, ethnicity, or advocates pain, death, suicide or drug use. Also, midriff tops, and tank tops with oversize armholes, or spaghetti straps, short shorts, skirts, skorts, pajamas or slippers, or any clothing that is revealing or disruptive to the learning environment are not appropriate for school wear. Chains attached to belts or wallets must be tucked into pockets and are not acceptable if they are below the level of the shirt. Pants must be pulled up over boxer shorts. Headgear of any kind is not to be worn in the school building. Coats and jackets are not to be worn during the school day. Student dress at extra and co-curricular activities, dances, and other school-sponsored events shall be appropriate, non-disruptive to the activity, and ensure health and safety. Hats and other headgear (other than for religious and/or health purposes), such as combs, picks, visor caps, sunglasses on top of the head, or bandanas/headbands on the forehead, are not to be worn in the school building. This excludes; ponytail holders, hair clips, and hair accessories with the purpose of keeping hair out of students’ eyes.

 My Proposal of the Revised Dress Code:

Students Must Wear -

- Top (Shirt, Sweatshirt, Blouse, Crop Top, Strapless Top, Tank Top, Sweater, Dress, etc.).

- Bottom (Pants, Sweatpants, Shorts, Skirt, Dress, Leggings, etc.).

- Shoes (Including proper footwear for gym class).

Students May Not Wear -

- Including, but not limited to, clothing that has expressions which are obscene, profane, pornographic, advocating pain, death, suicide, or drug or alcohol use.

158 have signed. Let’s get to 200!