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Dear Superintendent McNeil and Washoe County School Board Trustees,

We, as a community, are asking that you immediately call for the resignation of Trustee Scott Kelley following his misconduct.

This is Reno published an article about WCSD School Board Trustee Scott Kelley on Wednesday August 25, 2020 [

In the article, there were many shocking revelations. Here are the elements of Mr. Kelley’s behavior that he fully admitted himself conducting:

1) He tracked and stalked his wife making misogynistic comments that she could not be trusted to make her own decisions.

2) He met random people from the internet for sex, potentially putting his family in harm’s way.

3) He retaliated against constituents who disagreed with him and spoke out about his voting record by calling their direct supervisors at their place of employment to discipline them.

4) He threatened his wife and family in multiple emails.

WCSD is currently opening schools during a pandemic. As our school board and our superintendent, you have often cited the “emotional and social well-being of children” as one of the main reasons to open schools. However, last night WCSD said they had no comment on “Mr. Kelley’s personal life” when asked about this story, even going as far as to shame the media for reporting it.

This response is appalling, especially as protecting vulnerable children from potential abuse is being used by the district as a rationale to keep schools open. Additionally, the elements listed above are NOT elements of one’s personal life, especially of a member of an elected office representing the public interest. When you threaten women and children, and when you call the supervisors of your constituents for disagreeing with you, you are no longer just affecting your own personal life; you are negatively affecting the public of which you serve.

We are asking you to call for Mr. Kelley’s resignation from the WCSD, effective immediately. The public needs to rebuild trust with our district and board, and this would be a first step to doing so: holding Trustee Kelley accountable.