IPS Graduation Appeal

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1.      Students and alumni know the importance of graduating and walking across the stage, in our own school. It completes the student's journey through high-school.

a.       From the time students attend their first orientation, to the very last time they walk into the auditorium as emerging graduates, it is a journey.

b.      Since entering into Crispus Attucks from their middle school years, students have roamed the halls from adolescence into adulthood, and once again, graduation at their alma-mater brings the students’ journey full circle.

2.      The same morning of graduation is also a teacher work day. By having this graduation during a work day, we lose the tradition of having both IPS staff and parents attend our graduation, which could not have been achieved without the hard work of both parties.

3.       Additional expenses for parking (multiple cars equal multiple parking fees and the multiple graduations at different times), would also cause great issue to teachers and parents who could have just parked at or near the school for free.

4.      Economically, it means that parents, IPS staff, and other adults attending would have to lose money from missing work, PTO, or time off, just to come and pay outrageous downtown parking fees so they could attend a rushed 45 minute graduation.

a.       Over 84% of all IPS students come from homes that qualify for free or reduced lunch; money is something they cannot really afford to lose.

5.      Speaking of things that would be lost, the time (45 minutes) we are given to have a graduation is not enough.

a.       The tradition and procedure of a typical graduation is to call the graduating students’ names, give their type of diploma, the college they plan to attend in the fall, the scholarships received, take a picture with each student, and then hand them their diploma.

b.      The total length of time it takes per student can be anywhere from 2-5 minutes depending on the achievements of a student. Students take pride and look forward to this moment when they are the recognized personally, and deserve this standard.

 With a limit of 45 minutes, there would absolutely not be enough time to personally recognize a class of 94 students (Crispus Attuck's graduating total) or even just give each student 30 seconds of time, and Crispus Attucks is not the largest graduating class in IPS.

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