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Supercell stop killing clash of clans for the 95%

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 We have made some slight edits and additions to the petition because not only are the 95% tired and fed up, so are the 5%.  Both groups have legitimate complaints and both groups have come out in full force to support this petition for change.  It would be wrong not to acknowledge both.  The two groups won't agree on everything but hopefully everyone signing and supporting can agree there IS room for improvement and 100% of us want to have a voice in that and see it happen.


 We are the 95%. We are the players who spend tens and hundreds and even thousands of dollars to play Clash of Clans. We are the players who love this game just as much as the 5% who occupy all of the Top 200 spots on the leader board. We are as invested in this game as the 5ers and Supercell are. We want the game to succeed as much as Supercell does and our co-players in the top 5%.

 We don’t begrudge Supercell their desire for profit. We don't begrudge the 5%'s ability to max out their bases immediately with gems. We are, however, tired of being discounted and marginalized as not being important to the game's profitability and fun.

 Imagine a game without the 95%. What happens then? We are quitting in droves and more of us are quitting every day. We do not want to quit but feel as though there are better alternatives out there for us, and our money and time, if this continues.

 Give the 5% their bells and whistles for their elite bases.  We hope to have the same bells and whistles someday.  How about giving the 95% some bells and whistles as well for our less elite bases?  Not only do we never see those great upgrades, we get further and further away from them with every update you roll out.  STOP killing your lower high level, mid-level and low level players in the name of progress. STOP making us lose four steps back at every update for every one step forward we made from the last update.  STOP sucking the fun out of the game for the 95%. STOP marginalizing the 95% like we don't matter to you.

 START supporting us and being appreciative for OUR contributions to the game's wild success and we will CONTINUE to support the game.

 We ARE the 95% and we ARE tired of getting hosed.


 We are also the 5% and we are tired of getting hosed as well.  Yes, we gem!  Yes, we max out our bases!  No, we do not like to wait for our upgrades to finish.  No, we do not like to farm!  We like to hunt!  We like to rise the leader boards and dominate.  We like to crush our opponents, many of whom are also our friends. 

 We have spent thousands and thousands on this game, Supercell.  We have supported you and your bottom line at every step.  We have complained at times, sometimes loudly, but we have stayed through every update.  We have thrown our wallets open and gemmed like fiends.  People ask us why and we say to them, "Because we can.  It gives us satisfaction and pleasure to see our clans on top and our players at the head of the boards."

 We do not look down upon the 95ers for choosing to go another route while playing this game we ALL love.  We know it takes them as well as us to make up the COC world. 

 We are fed up.  You have reached a tipping point where you are asking too much of us and our wallets.  No, we don't technically have to gem.  Realistically though we do and you know it.  We have to gem to maintain our trophies since it is our trophies that provide the fun factor for us.  Say what you want but that is the naked truth and you know it and we know it.   Give us a break, Supercell. 

 We are the 5% and we are tired of being made to feel as though we are merely cash cows waiting to be milked dry by you. 


 We are the 95%. We are the 5%.  We are ALL tired of the updates. We are ALL tired of feeling as though we are just thousands of ATMs to you.  We are ALL tired of you sapping the fun out of this game.  You say your intentions are not to monetize the entire game.  We hope you will put YOUR money where your mouth is when we respond to your challenge of providing you with specific suggestions for change and improvement.

 Thank you for hearing us out.  It is at least encouraging thus far. 


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