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Nerf elite barbs

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As an avid player of Clash Royale, my experience has been greatly worsened by the existence of elite barbarians. These cards are ridiculously overpowered and heckin dumb. The entire Clash Royale community and every decent player would be enormously grateful if the shitheads at Supercell actually thought about cards before putting them in the game. As players, let us stand up to these mentally deficient devs and tell them, "nerf this damn card or we will commit mass suicide". 

I've lost dozens, nay hundreds, of games due to this ridiculous, day-ruining card. It simply bogs down the game due to its severe lack of skill and boring gameplay. It's time we as a community put our foot down and stand up to Supercell. To nerf elite barbs, supercell can reduce their health or damage, up their cost, or ban every player who uses them, or remove outright from the game or any combination pf these. Thank you, and together we can make Clash Royale decent again.

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