No Classes Until Water Contamination is Identified and Solved

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The students at SUNY New Paltz and the people who live in the Village of New Paltz were recently informed of a contamination issue in our water supply. As a result, the university has decided to close off all water supply including the washing machines, water fountains and have closed off the showers for on-campus residents.  Our health is being compromised for personal hygiene as well as hydration. SUNY New Paltz is also does not sell water bottles on campus, so those without transportation are forced to pay to get these necessities.

As of right now there have been signs of petroleum and bisphenol which are both very severe for our health and safety. These basic human necessities are being taken away but we are still required to attend our classes. This petition is for the students of SUNY New Paltz to get the answers we want and the essentials we need. Until this problem is resolved, our main issue should be our health and not the additional stress of classes. Thank you.