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Leave the Logo Alone!

For over 25 years, Geneseo has had a unique, memorable wordmark that instantly identifies the College. Over the last few years, Geneseo has been working with a branding firm "to improve Geneseo's branding and communications."

The result, however, is bland, unappealing, and seems to serve no purpose other than, as one observer notes, "change for the sake of change." Other comments include "boring," "generic," "plain," "disappointing," "meh," "ugly," "bleh!," "mundane," "forgettable," "mediocre," "senseless," "no character at all," a "bad call," and an overall conclusion that "the old wave wordmark was much nicer."

This is not a logo or a wordmark. This is the word "Geneseo" typed in an unappealing font with no memorable characteristics whatsoever. Please, Geneseo, reconsider this choice. There's no need to fix what's not broken. The wave wordmark is meaningful and much better at "representing the enduring quality and timelessness of Geneseo," which is what it is intended to do. Changing it will only cause confusion and be costly during the transition, and is a terrible choice to be the "primary visual branding element in all print, electronic and signage applications." The wave wordmark does a perfect job and is already well-loved.

Save the Wave! 

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