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The District 2 community is not in favor of placing Success Academy schools in public school facilities in District 2 (including existing and new District 2 facilities). Our excellent public schools throughout the district make the addition of charter schools unnecessary. Locating charter schools in the district will further increase the overcrowding with no benefit to the district. Rather than co-locating within our excellent District 2 public schools, we would like to see charter schools use their own resources to find space and house their schools.

Letter to
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer
Council Secretary Jan Atwell
councilperson Margaret Chin
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Representative Hakeem Jeffries
Representative Joseph Crowley
Senator Charles Schumer
State Senator Daniel Squadron
State Senator Jose Serrano
State Representative Dan Quart
State Representative Catherine Nolan
State Representative Deborah Glick
State Representative Nicole Malliotakis
State Representative Brian Kavanagh
State Representative Richard Gottfried
State Senator Velmanette Montgomery
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Councilperson Rosie Mendez
Councilperson Jessica Lappin
SUNY Charter Institute and the NYS Dept of Regents-Board of Education
NYS State Board of Regents Regents office
NYS Board of Regents Meryl Tisch
NYS Board of Regents Tony Lofrumento
Councilperson Dan Garodnick
Councilperson Alan Gerson
Councilperson Gale Brewer
Cb2 Cb2
CB8 Judith Schneider
Head of SUNY Charter Committee H.Carl McCall
Chancellor Dennis Walcott
Speaker Christine Quinn
Education Chairman Robert Jackson
Governor Andrew Cuomo
I just signed the following petition addressed to: SUNY Charter Institute and the NYS Dept of Regents-Board of Education.

I am not in favor of allowing charter schools to locate in District 2. Please do not approve Success Academy's application to co-locate in any existing or future District 2 school.

Success Academy schools do not provide any advantage to students in our district, as its curriculum mirrors the curriculum of existing District 2 schools. Most of our schools are already performing at a high level but what we do need is additional space and funding to keep them on target and improve them further. In District 2, 88% of students are in classes that exceed Contract for Excellence targets

Charters drain existing schools of space and funding. More than half of the elementary and middle schools in District 2 have a utilization level at 100% or higher according to the most recent Capacity, Utilization and Enrollment Report (the Blue Book), which often underestimates the extent of overcrowding in our schools. As a result, 78% of students are in classes that exceed the Deparment of Education's target class sizes.

Overcrowding of elementary and middle schools in District 2 has led to the loss of cluster rooms, intervention rooms, resource rooms, and other spaces critical for providing a sound education to our students. Financial resources should be used to help alleviate the overcrowding that plaques current and future students who live in District 2.

Many of the District 2 schools whose utilization is below 100% do not actually have capacity because they are start-up elementary schools without the full complement of the grades or have recently had a co-located school vacate the building to accommodate the increasing enrollment.

Because there are already excellent schools in District 2 it is not necessary to add Charter schools. They will simply exacerbate current overcrowding in existing schools without providing an added benefit, while taking scare public resources and funding that should go to exisitng public schools.



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