SCR Council & State Government Urban Footprint is wiping out Sunshine Coast Kangaroos!

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Sunshine Coast Kangaroos & Wallabys are being wiped out!

In the last few months, we have seen an unprecedented rise in kangaroo deaths on our Sunshine Coast roads. This has coincided with major development works on and around the Bruce Highway, Sunshine Motorway and David Lowe Way.

The roos and wallabys are being forced into involuntary self-relocation, pushing them into inappropriate areas where there’s high density housing and no food, onto the main roads to try and get away from the developments and being killed.

The Sunshine Coast University, once famous for its resident mob of roos, is now down to single figure numbers. 

Wildlife Rescue Sunshine Coast, is attending dead and dying kangaroos and wallabys on a daily basis; sometimes 2-3 per day. 


Mayor Jamieson & QLD State Government, you are destroying the Sunshine Coast with your rapid Urban Footprint Expansion Plan. You are responsible for the protection and preservation of our native flora and fauna - and our wildlife is not acceptable ‘collateral damage.’

We demand provision of wildlife exclusion fencing, tunnels or overpasses for current developments (ie Bruce Highway) and a cease to proposed future developments where the impact will destroy known wildlife habitat on the Sunshine Coast.