Stop the noise on 43rd Street aka our backyard!

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Noise from our neighbors across 43rd St, WB Mason, has been keeping us up at night!  They are idling their trucks, loudly and excessively backing up into the dock, and double parking during all hours of night.  Not only has it been a terrible noise nuisance, but the idling is choking the air.  All this right next to Lou Lodati Park, too.  We are not interested in chasing WB Mason away, simply having them acknowledge the dense and vibrant residential neighborhood that surrounds it.  We want them to abide by the following:

1. Prohibit back-up alarms on all trucks using the dock, especially overnight

2. Prohibit truck idling for longer than 3 minutes

3. Prohibit double parking of trucks on 43rd Street.

We essentially just want them to be good neighbors (which we know they want, too) and treat the neighborhood like what it is-- a neighborhood full of families!