Apia Insurers, underwritten by Suncorp have left me, Beaney Berlinsky ,homeless.

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Having claimed for sub floor flooding and subsequent mould issues, Apia rejected my claim. Via the Ombudsman, I finally got them on board a year later. By this time I had suffered kidney failure, deathly fatigue, breathing difficulties and even mould on my eardrums resulting in Vertigo.

Apia agreed to fix the sub floor issue and give me back my house "better than new with all the certificates".

Four months later, no floors, down to the dirt. No walls, Gyprock off and insulation out. No ceilings, bar two. All electrics ripped out. 50% of the outside cladding ripped off.

At 59 years of age and not long off retiring, I have been left with a building site that will take $175,000 to reinstate. In January 2019, four months in, I was offered $73,000 and three months rent. They are citing that the house built in the 1930's is not up to code and has many defects and non compliance. 

They are within their policy rights and loopholes and small print to do this. However, this conduct is totally A-moral. To leave a 59 year old woman, or anybody ,with a liability that they cannot afford is an absolute disgrace. 

The parting words from the Loss Adjustor at the January 2019 meeting were "I have to keep my share holders happy". That was after being told to buy a caravan and a shipping container. 

I feel the Australian over 50's demographic needs to send a loud and clear message that we will not be ripped off, disadvantaged, taken for a ride and have our retirement years reduced to poverty so as to benefit Shareholders and Profit.

Please help me by signing and sharing this petition. 

Thank you