Sherkston Shores Fees & COVID-19: Compassion and Action Required

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We are requesting that during the pandemic of COVID-19, Sherkston Shores residents under the umbrella of Sun Communitues Inc., are offered financial relief by considering reducing the fees and delaying the deadline.

Compassion and action are required to protect generations of residents at Sherkston Shores at this time including families and seniors experiencing vulnerability, isolation, and stress due to COVID-19. Delaying the due date of fees and eradicating late fees during these unprecedented economic times would show compassion and understanding. 

Many of our American community members are faced with the uncertainty that COVID-19 is presenting in regard to border crossings. The most caring decision during this time is to provide financial relief to families facing an unimaginable amount of uncertainty.

Thank you for signing and thank you Sun Communities Inc., and Sherkston Shores Administration for your consideration and review of this petition. 

Final recommendations:
1. Suspend all payments immediately until Sherkston Shores & Sun Communities Inc. can ensure a May 1st, 2020 opening date.
2. If the park does open May 1st, 2020 accept one-half of the fees at this time, impose a grace period of 30 days for NO late fees. After the 30 days impose a 1% late fee starting 1 month after the confirmed opening date.
3. Sun Communities Inc. and Sherkston Shores will assess the access to services and amenities and re-evaluate the impact due to COVID-19 (if the public health recommendations continue into June 2020). An assessment pertaining to the reduction of fees should be considered if amenities and programming are impacted by COVID-19.
4. Accept the remainder of fees on August 1st, 2020.

Sherkston Shores is located at 490 Empire Road in Sherkston, Ontario.