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Daily Mail and The Sun remove articles blaming victims for Grenfell Fire

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Today The Sun and The Daily Mail have released images of a victim and survivor of Grenfell Tower fire, claiming that his fridge explosion was the source of the fire. There is an ongoing investigation and all relevant agencies have made it clear that such speculation is dangerous and irresponsible. The articles also state that they have been harassing this man on the phone asking him if he 'started the fire'. Please stop. This man saved peoples lives, and is a traumatised victim that needs to be supported, not harassed and blamed. To shame this man when he is grieving is unspeakably cruel. 

Regardless of where the fire began, fire safety experts have made it abundantly clear that a fire safe building would have been able to contain the fire and prevent it spreading. The rapid and unusual spread of the fire begs questions of the institutions responsible for the building, not the residents.

Please take down all images, mentions of his name and all content linking him to the source of this fire immediately.

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