Say No to Highland Flats

Say No to Highland Flats

October 1, 2020
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Summit County Planning Commission
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Why this petition matters

Started by Basin Community

This petition is to voice the community’s opposition to the current proposal of the Highland Flats Development and request that the Summit County Planning Commission uphold the General Plan for the Snyderville Basin by dismissing this proposal irrevocably. 

The Snyderville Basin’s General Plan was created to clearly define the needs and wants of the community members of the Basin and set forth efficient and strategic guidelines for development of the Basin, which faces overwhelming interest by developers who would wish to capitalize on and erode what residents have fought to preserve, prevent and promote—"preserve open space and vistas, prevent suburban sprawl, and promote our mountain resort community."

Summit County Code 10-1-1: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: A. The Snyderville Basin general plan (hereinafter referred to as the "general plan") was developed to ensure that the resort and mountain character of the basin is to be embraced and protected, while suburban development patterns, which erode the unique character of the basin, is discouraged and, to the extent possible, prohibited. Additionally, the general plan was developed to ensure that resort and mountain development occurred in harmony with the mountain environment. The development pattern of the Snyderville Basin shall be rural in nature, with low densities of one unit per twenty (20) acres, and up to one unit per ten (10) acres in certain instances, to ensure the rural character. These low rural densities will help to protect the mountain environment.  

The Highland Flats development has requested in its proposal to be granted a rezone of 40 acres in the Highland Estates area and appeals that it is “appropriate to designate the land use for higher density land use.” Upon rezoning, the aim of this proposal is to construct 50 townhome units, 360 multi-family units in 17 separate three-story buildings, 783 parking spots, a church and daycare. 

The proposal appeals to the Planning Commission to vote in contrast to the General Plan. The justification is that 31% of the project will provide “needed” affordable housing. 

We oppose this justification based on these key points: 

The development’s location does not serve the work-force service community. 
The development increases the Basin’s traffic congestion problem.  
The development creates safety issues for current residents who require Highland Drive as their only road out of the area in emergencies. 
The development threatens wildlife migration paths and hunting grounds. 
The development creates urban sprawl. 
The development erodes the rural nature of the Basin.

Please sign your name to this petition in opposition to the proposed Highland Flats and state unequivocally that the Summit County Planning Commission should say NO to this development.

AND… please contact the Planning Commission directly with your concerns and objections. They absolutetly need to hear from us individually. Please email: and

This is VERY time sensitive. Please sign this petition and email as quickly as possible. Help spread the word and send to friends, neighbors and community members. This affects all of us…and our animal friends.

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Signatures: 1,551Next Goal: 2,500
Support now

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