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Petitioning BOCC Dan Gibbs and 3 others

Summit County, CO Board of County Commissioners: No Privatization of Summit Stage

Private companies in the Transit business have been gobbling up smaller companies so that there is less and less competition. Most are foreign companies.
Summit County residents and visitors pay a sales tax on items that they purchase that funds the Summit Stage. Sales and property taxes support other County operations.
We do not want our hard earned money being sent out of this country.
The County officials need to do their jobs. They need to oversee the operations around the County and hold people accountable.

Letter to
BOCC Dan Gibbs
BOCC Karn Stiegelmeier
BOCC Thomas C. Davidson
and 1 other
Assistant County Manager Thad Noll
No Privatization of Summit Stage!

I pay my share of sales tax in Summit County and I do not want to see that money going to some company that does not operate in Summit County or the state of Colorado, much less some foreign company. This a great service to me and others who live, work and play in Summit County. Other communities who have privatized have found that they really did not save much if any money, service was compromised and quality of drivers declined.

I think that Summit County government should improve the Summit Stage by better oversight of operations.