Ask @StarbucksIndia to bring recyclable cups to all 101 stores in India #EveryCupMatters

Ask @StarbucksIndia to bring recyclable cups to all 101 stores in India #EveryCupMatters

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Starbucks India, you are very close to losing a loyal customer. I love your coffee, but not the take-away cup I get my beverage in.

I cringed every time I picked up a take away cup and the thought of it not getting recycled. I soon moved to carrying my own coffee cup with me. Today, approximately 8,000 Starbucks cups hit the landfills every minute, globally.

These cups are single-use plastic-lined, which makes them unrecyclable. 

Starbucks India, it’s time to take control of the plastic. Sign my petition and tell Starbucks India to bring recyclable cups across their 101 stores in India.

Back in 2008, Starbucks said it would bring in 100% recyclable disposable cups to replace those currently used across its stores. At the same time, the chain also said it would bring reusable cup usage to 25% by 2015.

Neither of these pledges has been fulfilled, and this is a great cost to the environment. There's huge public demand for a less wasteful cup – and Starbucks India needs to make good on its promise.

Your signature can help Starbucks India change this, and get them to introduce recyclable cups in all their stores.

We are at a time where we’re expected to have more plastic in the oceans than fish. We are headed towards a bigger disaster if we let Starbucks continue this. Sign my petition now!