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To Sultan Nazrin, my beloved Sultan Perak

I don’t know whether my letter will reach your highness, but please hear the voice of me as a Perak-ian, who love my state home so much.

When you see the trend and the polling result of GE14, the Malaysian has chosen a brand new Malaysia, hoping a new team to run the country, to take care of the country, but not the old team.

When you see the happiness of the Malaysian, when we realised that actually the votes matter, and as the people of this land, we are truly proud with what we have done.

We don’t want to see this happen all over again. Our beloved country Malaysia is now with the new team, and we don’t want to see the slow progress and development of Perak, which might caused by the old team.

Your highness, is not that I don’t want to give a chance to them, is just the chance has been given to them for the past 60 years by my grandparents, and my parents, my vote was casted for a change.

Your highness my beloved king of Perak.

We know your love and concern towards the Perak people, please look into the votes difference of some of the state seats, it was a small margin, where it is enough to prove that Perak-ian actually demand a change.

The religion-based political party, although has said the collaboration between BN and PAS is possible, however PAS supporter supported them because they rejected BN and PH at the same time, but based on what? that PAS now can work with BN, aren’t they cheated and lied to their supporter, which is the Perak-ian as well.

We believe that there is another solution, or the power should be peacefully given to the majority winner in the state assembly. 

Your highness, ampun tuanku beribu-ribu ampun,

Please listen to the Perak people once again!


Thank you very much.

Kenn Yeap, 

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