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Suicide or Rape - Murder of the 20 year old Dalit girl from Jind, Haryana ?????

Its almost a month since the mutilated body of the 20 year old Dalit girl was found near a canal in Jind district of Haryana. Hundreds of petitions, public protests and media pressure resulted in three autopies of the body and consitution of a one man Special Investigation Team. The investigation seems to have gone nowhere, but since the day the body was found, the Haryana police have been spreading the news that this is a case of suicide. Why would anybody burn themselves with cigarette butts and injure their private parts and then commit suicide ? Why would the girl go and an isolated place near the canal and fall in the shrubs ? The Haryana police has to answer this question? The discrepencies in the post mortem reports are obvious and the way in which political pressure is being exerted on the local officials is known to everyone. Why are the police hushing up this case ? What is it that they are trying to hide ? We need the answers ... we will not be silent ...

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    Shri. PL Punia
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