Justice for Rex

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On the evening of Sunday, July14th Rex's doggy parents Dominic & Elana put on his leash and took him for a walk outside to do his business. Almost immediately a neighbor's unleashed labradoodle and another neighbor's unleashed shih tzu began to attack Rex and his owners. While the owners of Rex were being attacked and bitten the owner of the shih tzu got a hold of Rex held his snout closed in a headlock and began to punch and choke the helpless dog in the ribs in stomach. While Elana and Dominic tried to fight off the agressive labradoodle and get this man off Rex, he then threatened the lives of Rex 's owners and was shouting "he's a pitbull I have to kill him" to justify his unacceptable actions. The man then tossed Rex's lifeless body to the ground and smiled proudly. Frantically Elana tried to administer CPR to her dog, but unfortunately it was too late. The police did come and ended up issuing the dog murderer (monster) a ticket and he went back into his apartment. Dominic and Elana barely had time to process what had just happened because they were in an ambulance on their way to the ER to get their wounds and bite marks from the labradoodle stitched and cleaned up. The incident was reported to the apartment complex as these dogs were not leashed in a leash law complex, but they were basically told there was nothing they could do (aka nothing they wanted to do about it). News12 was contacted but declined to even listen to this story and laughed at the dog's owners.

Though nothing can be done to bring Rex back, the purpose of this page is to get #JusticeForRex the man that murdered this innocent dog got to walk free, the man who has the dog that attacked two innocent people get to walk free, while Elana and Dominic have to go home without their baby. Please help make this viral, please spread the word, add members and make #JusticeForRex known!


***NEWS12 just did a story on Rex and what happened. This is progress.  :)