Support the Expansion and Continuation of the Suffolk County Shellfish Aquaculture Program

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To ensure the future success of the program and to continue to reap the economic and environmental benefits of the program, your voice in supporting Oyster farmers and this industry is critical to counteract the not-in-my-backyard opposition that has organized around the renewal of the program. 

In 2010, the Suffolk County Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Program was established, which provides secure access to marine space for private, commercial shellfish aquaculture on publicly-owned underwater lands in Peconic Bay and Gardiners Bay. The County is currently in the process of conducting a complete review of the Lease Program, to determine if and/or how the program should be changed and implemented in 2020 and beyond.

Since the start of the program 10 years ago – 50 shellfish farms have been created, which have increased the oyster harvest in New York State by more than 177%, providing more than $9.3 million in economic activity to the County. Furthermore, in 2019 alone, oysters from SCALP farms, have removed more than 192,000 pounds of Nitrogen and more than 57,000 pounds of Carbon from the bays.

Key Facts:

  • Creation of 50 shellfish farms since 2010;
  • Since 2010, oyster harvests in New York State has increased by more than 177%;
  • $9.3 million in economic activity to Suffolk County;
  • Oysters from SCALP farms have contributed to the removal of more than 192,188 pounds of Nitrogen and more than 57,382 pounds of Carbon from the water, in 2019, greatly improving water quality and potentially reducing harmful algae blooms from occurring; and
  • Many growers are under 45 years old and employ many young people including graduates of marine science programs in our region. The industry has also seen many women entrepreneurs become leaders in the shellfish industry.