Make Burkitt Road in Woodbridge safe for our children!

Make Burkitt Road in Woodbridge safe for our children!

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Isla McMillan started this petition to Councillor Graham Newman (Suffolk County Council) and

Burkitt Road in Woodbridge is used by hundreds of children and parents every day, as they travel to St Mary’s Primary School, St Mary’s Playgroup, Farlingaye High School and Woodbridge School. Yet Burkitt Road is one of Woodbridge’s most dangerous roads for pedestrians, which puts children’s lives at risk every day.

Burkitt Road is currently a 30mph zone. There’s a small section where drivers are asked to slow down to 20mph, but this is only signalled by a small Twenty’s Plenty sign and a School Safety Zone sign, which most drivers either miss or ignore. With drivers using Burkitt Road as a rat-run from the A12 through town, and hundreds of children and parents walking along it during school drop-off and pick-up time, it’s only a matter of time before there’s a serious accident.

This petition calls for all of Burkitt Road to be made a 20mph zone, with visible 20mph signs and a safe way of crossing the road, in order to make the road safer for children, parents, and other pedestrians including elderly people.


There are several reasons why Burkitt Road is so currently dangerous:

  1. It’s a rat-run for traffic, including trade traffic and lorries. This traffic comes off the A12 at high speed and doesn’t slow down along the long, straight stretch of Burkitt Road because there are no traffic calming measures.
  2. There's no zebra crossing on Burkitt Road (although the council has finally hired a new lollipop person for St Mary’s Primary).
  3. The pavements are extremely narrow in parts. With Covid meaning that people don’t want to pass close to each other at the moment, children and parents walking to school are often forced into the road.
  4. Changes to school bus eligibility mean lots more parents are having to drive their kids to school, hence even more traffic on the roads.

It's just not acceptable that a road used for access by three schools and hundreds of children is so unsafe.


How can we prevent the risk that a child could be seriously injured or even killed on Burkitt Road? Well, there’s actually a plan in the works to make most of Woodbridge a 20mph zone. It has cross-party approval at Town Council level and Suffolk County Council have seemed agreeable to the proposal. The scheme has been in the works for several years (you can read about it on Councillor Caroline Page’s website) and it has two key aims:

  1. To lower the legal speed limit to 20mph for the majority of roads in Woodbridge.
  2. To make rat-running through Woodbridge a less desirable option for drivers.

And that’s exactly what we want for Burkitt Road! The trouble is that Suffolk County Council really seem to be dragging their feet on this. The scheme has already been in the works for years, and just the costing of the scheme is not scheduled to be completed until May 2022. But we need action to make this scheme a reality NOW! Specifically, we need 20mph signs at the Grundisburgh Road and Hasketon Road turnings off the A12, to discourage drivers from using Burkitt Road as a rat run through the town. We also need 20mph signs along Burkitt Road, which would not only keep children and parents more safe but would also have a huge knock-on benefit for central Woodbridge.

Suffolk County Council, we call on you to approve the 20mph scheme for Woodbridge and get the scheme into action on Burkitt Road in time for the 2021/22 school year, starting in September. We want this scheme to not only be implemented, but also to be enforced. If a child is hurt before the scheme comes into action, the responsibility will be on you for dragging your heels on this issue for too long. We call on you to do the right thing, NOW!

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