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Suffering Major Problems With Royal Enfield Himalayan

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We the owners of Royal Enfield Himalayan are facing a lot of problems with our bikes. These are manufacturing defects and the company knows about it. Still, they have not taken any major steps towards solving our problems and they are happily launching a new version of the bike without addressing the problems of the previous Himalayan Owners. 

Almost every Himalayan has a manufacturing defect of the magnetic coil, T-stem, gear and clutch issue, Oil Leakage, engine noise among other issues which is frustrating because the owners spend a majority of their time in the service centers.

Many biker brothers have had a close save from accidents because the bike has a unique ability to shut off at any time. One rider was going on a highway at 90 KMPH and was about to overtake a vehicle and the bike's engine shut off at this point. Imagine this scenario. He barely got saved from a major accident.

And this is not one isolated incident, many people have suffered the same and they have documented it on youtube as well. 

We have sent various letters to Mr. Siddhartha Lal the CEO of Eicher Motors which owns Royal Enfield. But the response of the company towards its customers is just pathetic. They have come up with temporary solutions and have not been able to fix the issues permanently and they have the nerve to launch a newer BS4 model and completely ignore the old customers who trusted the company and bought the Himalayan despite major issues thinking the company will resolve it.

The people at Service Centre don't know how to service the Himalayan, there are no spare parts available at the Service Centre. We are tired of this casual attitude of the Royal Enfield to resolve the issues. 

People are selling their Himalayan because they are frustrated with the poor build quality and poor response of Royal Enfield towards a major issue like this.

We are not cowards, We will fight against this till the end even if we have to take this to court. We want our bikes to be problem free. We have paid 2 lacs for this machine and we deserve to have a problem free bike.

We want Royal Enfield to look into our problems and resolve it before launching the newer version of the bike.

We would sincerely appreciate it if all the people who own a Royal Enfield Himalayan come together and support our petition because enough is enough. We have been troubled enough. Let’s fight so that companies like Royal Enfield do not take their customers for a ride and ignore them after making a sale.

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