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Denounce Suey Park as an Asian American representative

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Suey Park is overtly against white people, and she has her personal reasons.

As Asian Americans we believe in respective diversity, and can accept that people will not always get along, but we do not collectively dismiss any group or color of people.

The media attention Suey Park has been given has given her a platform to spread hate, paranoia and negativity that impacts all of us. By signing this petition you are denouncing her as an Asian American representative, and effectively making her take ownership of her own statements which are not on behalf of any of us.

We are also very concerned that her involvement in academia may be behind much of the rhetoric Suey Park is spreading. We seek a formal announcement on Colorado University's stance with hate speech and intersectionality issues.

Suey's YouTube clip:

Her Salon interview:

Quotes from her Salon article:

"Whiteness will always be the enemy” - @suey_park

"I don't want [white people] on our side" - @suey_park

"[I lost] $4,000 that I would have made in my speaking gigs and so to think that there’s not a cost to pay to speak out, to become a sort of individualized leader, when tons of people are backing me, is very unfair and a symbolic move to try to quiet me." - @suey_park


We are not seeking to censor Suey Park, we would just appreciate her not speaking on behalf of our people as we do not share her world view. We wish her luck with her career and whomever eventually hires her.

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