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Bosnian government !!!!Prosecute hunters in Bosnia who killed 50 dogs

January 24 animal activists found a massacre of dogs who lived at the landfill site, Perna, in Bosanska Krupa region of BiH.
On the 19th of January, hunters from the “Grmeč” hunting club from Bosanska Krupa shot and killed all dogs that were at the landfill, including puppies and adult dogs and nursing females. At least fifty dogs were murdered. To cover up what they did, buried the dead dogs under piles of garbage, but they did not manage to hide all the corpses.
It is reported that also on the 19th of January, another group of dogs were killed in Klen, in Cazin municipality, part of Bosanska Krupa region. A total of 36 dogs are reported killed.

This incident highlights a larger issue in Bosnia, where people who abuse animals often go unpunished. People are killing animals for fun without any repercussions. The Bosnian government needs to implement stricter policies for people who are charged with killing animals. If they continue to turn a blind eye to these incidents, the problem will keep on getting worst.
Please sign this petition to ask Bosnia to prosecuting the hunters who shot the poor innocent dogs.

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