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Maximum punishment for those who savagely tortured and killed dogs and foxes near Todiresti - Suceava County - Romania-

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To whom it may concern

On January the 2nd, 2014 a wonderful person from Suceava County Romania, was travelling on the County Road near Todiresti, and was shocked by what she discovered at the side of the road, around 11 am. Horribly tortured dead bodies of dogs and foxes.


The dogs were impaled, the foxes were killed and their tails skinned...dumped dead, after horrible pain and suffering at the hands of sadistic animal killer(s) . We ask the authorities to do everything in their power to FIND these criminals, to defer them to justice and to be given the harshed punishment under the Romanian Law for the Protection of Animals ( 9/2008 )

We are aware of the fact that the Local Police, the Deputy Mayor from Todirest and DVS Suceava  as well as media in Suceava, have already been informed and took notice about this crime. 

We are aware of the Romanian Law 9/2008 which PUNSHES the intentional killing of animals and also the torture of animals ( "Art. 6. -  (2) In sensul prezentei legi, prin cruzime fata de animale se intelege: a) omorarea animalelor, cu intentie; h) maltratarea si schingiuirea animalelor; j) provocarea de suferinte fizice si psihice prin orice mijloace; - All these are considered Crimes against animals and the LAW punishes them...) We expect that the Police in Suceava county to FIND the perpetrator(s) of these crimes and to PUNISH him ( them ) 

The time has come for the Romanian Law Enfercement Agencies to APPLY THE LAW.

Thank you

Autoritatilor Romane din Judetul Suceava

Va rugam sa luati, de urgenta absolut toate masurile posibile pentru a identifica persoana sau persoanele care au comis atrocitatile descoperite langa comuna Todiresti - judetul Suceava in data de 2 ianuarie 2014. Suntem informati ca Politia Locala, Vice Primarul din Todiresti si DVS Suceava au luat cunostinta de aceste crime.


Cerem Politiei Suceava, Parchetului si DVS sa considere cele mai severe pedepse prevazute de Legea pentru Protectia Animalelor - 9/2008 - pentru cei ( sau cel ) care au (a) comis aceste acte de un sadism inimaginabil.

Organele de Ordine si Justitie TREBUIE sa inceapa sa aplice legile . 

Multumesc pentru atentie 

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