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Subway: Stop supporting cruelty to chickens!

For quite some time, Subway’s footlongs have been a regular lunch time go-to for myself and many others. As a busy student, it’s important for me to have access to food that works for my budget as well as my health. Until now I was under the impression that Subway was the solution. Unfortunately, I will no longer be eating at Subway.

The reason I have chosen to boycott Subway is because I recently found out that the chickens in its supply chain endure horrific abuse and cruelty.

Chickens raised for Subway's supply chain spend the majority of their lives crammed inside filthy, windowless sheds by the tens of thousands. They are bred to grow grotesquely large at an unnaturally fast rate and are violently shackled, electrocuted, and slit at their throats while fully conscious. These abuses are not what you’d expect from a restaurant chain that prides itself on food quality, but they’re the sad reality for chickens raised for Subway’s supply chain.

Fortunately, several major restaurant chains have released comprehensive chicken welfare policies to address the myriad forms of cruelty to chickens in their supply chains. Some of these companies include Quiznos, Chipotle, Shake Shack, and Starbucks. Until Subway joins its competitors and commits to addressing the cruelty in its supply chain, I hope you will join me in boycotting Subway!

It’s time for Subway to release a policy to provide birds with more space and a clean, naturally lit environment, shift away from fast-growing breeds of birds, and eliminate live-shackle slaughter methods. Please, sign my petition and let Subway know that you won’t be dining with them until they adopt a meaningful animal welfare policy that spares birds from the worst abuses they currently endure in its supply chain.

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  • Subway
  • CEO
    Suzanne Greco
  • Executive VP
    Cindy Eadie
  • Executive VP
    Millie Shinn
  • Chief Digital Officer
    Carman Wenkoff
  • Chief Advertising Officer
    Chris Carroll
  • Director of Corporate Social Responsibility
    Elizabeth Stewart
  • CDO world headquarters
    Don Fertman
  • COO
    Kimberly Strzelecki
  • Chief Marketing Officer
    Joe Tripodi
  • VP of Human Resources
    Lisa Shea
  • VP Development
    Tara Hammon-Canfield
  • VP Brand Voice
    Sonja Tilki
  • EVP Franchise Development
    Robert Schibler
  • President Subway Development Easter PA
    Fulton Brown

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