Subway, reduce the immense suffering of chickens

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Help millions of chickens by urging Subway to eliminate some of the worst abuses from its European supply chain

Subway has more stores across the world than any other fast-food chain. It promises its many customers that its menu items are of high quality and that the company adheres to ‘high standards for animal welfare’. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The chickens that end up in Subway’s sandwiches and salads have lived and died under excruciating conditions. They are selectively bred to grow so big and so fast that their organs and legs struggle to cope with the enormous strain. Because of this, some die from heart attacks, while others become unable to walk and die a slow painful death due to starvation. In addition, these chickens are crammed into dark sheds with little more space than an A4 piece of paper each and some endure painful, ineffective stunning procedures prior to slaughter, which cannot guarantee a painless death.

Subway sells chicken meat on a daily basis in its thousands of restaurants in Europe. The company’s Leadership Team has the power to impact the lives of millions of chickens every year but refuses to do so. In 2017, the company agreed to increase its chicken welfare standards in the USA and Canada, however, in Europe, it has avoided making a concrete statement about this crucial issue for the past two years.

Subway is lagging behind its competitors and must do better for animals.

Sign our petition and demand that Subway reduces the immense suffering of chickens across Europe.


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