Justice for Captain GAURAV Taneja @flyingbeast​.​Airasia should accept its negligence

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Captain Gaurav Taneja,  an IITian from Kharagpur , who is sacrificing his flying license just for the safety of passengers and is fighting alone against Airasia, needs our support.


He is also getting warnings that his wife will be tortured. He is a victim of false Allegations. Airaisa is not responding on the safety of the passengers and is playing dirty games with the captain. He has a daughter who recently turned 2 yrs old. He has his parents living with him. He is getting threats and the game is getting dirtier and filthier. A common family man is trying to stand up for us, if we dont support such people , no one will in future stand against any wrongs happening. 

So safety here means that even the guidelines issued by the government is not followed ( given at the time of corona). He personally tried to arrange a few safety measures to ensure passenger safety. 

Also these pilots are given targets to land the plane in such a manner so that the company can save a lot of fuel. MIND YOU that saving fuel is not bad idea to gain profit, but saving fuel at the cost of  lives of ~160 passengers is not good.

The worst part is that they have suspended him for standing against the company. Since he has all the proofs, therefore the company is not responding to the allegations. But is playing dirty by giving threats to him and his family.

Shri Subramanyam Swamy has also supported Capt Gaurav Taneja

Most of us know captain Gaurav Taneja as flying beast who has recently touched 3 million fan following and uploads his vlog on a regular basis. He also has another channel -Fit muscle tv which is mainly dedicated to health and gyming. 

If he gets justice, then probably Airasia will improve their safety standards for the passengers. And also people will get courage to stand against the wrongs specially the big companies which feel that they can do anything. 

I request you all to sign this petition for our own safety and also for the captain to get justice. Please share it with maximum people and get it signed.