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Subaru: Stop Selling Cars Where Women Can't Drive

Dear Subaru

We are leading Saudi Women’s rights activists and we write this open letter to you as a company that has made a name for itself among women drivers and which has built up a progressive brand image.

Subaru sponsors women’s surf festivals, the U.S. Women’s Triathlon Series, “Subaru Women’s Week” packages for skiers and even the Outstanding Woman in Science Award for the Geological Society of America.

But while Subaru is marketed heavily at women, your company is simultaneously making millions selling cars in the only country on earth where women aren't allowed to drive – much less ride a bike or go surf, run a triathlon, or ski on their own. 

Subaru takes corporate citizenship seriously. On your web site, Subaru Chairman Yoshio Hasunuma writes, “We are dedicated to support and improve the communities in which we live and work.”

But Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women — both Saudi and foreign — from driving. As Saudi women our lack of freedom of movement places an extreme burden on our lives. We lack a public transportation system and the most basic errands and medical appointments are missed due to the difficulty and expenses of arranging transportation, notwithstanding educational and work opportunities. Our lack of this basic right to drive our own cars creates many safety risks for women on the roads, and relying on strangers as drivers has jeopardized the safety of women and children in many documents cases. 

We write to you with a simple request: that Subaru publicly pledge to pull out of Saudi Arabia until such time as women are allowed to drive.

It is our hope that this will put huge pressure on the Saudi royal family and shine a bright light on the "gender apartheid" in our country. It's a chance for your company to live up to your brand, and make a huge difference for nearly 13 million of us Saudi women. 

God bless you.

Saudi Women for Driving (سعوديات يطالبن بالقيادة)


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  • Al Yemni Motors
  • Deputy President, Fuji Heavy Industries
    Masatsugu Nagato
  • Deputy President, Fuji Heavy Industries
    Kazushige Okuhara
  • Corporate Executive Vice President, Fuji Heavy Industries
    Akira Mabuchi
  • President & CEO, Fuji Heavy Industries
    Ikuo Mori
  • Corporate Executive Vice President, Fuji Heavy Industries
    Yasuyuki Yoshinaga
  • Corporate Executive Vice President, Fuji Heavy Industries
    Jun Kondo
  • Subaru Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer
    Thomas J. Doll
  • Subaru Public Relations Manager
    Elaine Griffin
  • Subaru Manager, Product Communications
    Jessica Tullman
  • Subaru Manager, Product Communications
    Dominick Infante
  • Director, Subaru Corporate Communications
    Michael McHale
  • Subaru Senior Vice President, Sales
    Bill Cyphers
  • Subaru Chairman of the Board, President, and Chief Executive Officer
    Takeshi Tachimori
  • Manager, Subaru Marketing and Corporate Communications
    Ken Kondo

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