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Subaru of America: bring the diesel boxer to North America!


Subaru's most efficient motor is the diesel boxer engine, but it's available everywhere except for North America. Let's tell Subaru that there is a market in North America for a torquey and fuel-efficient Forester.  The extra torque and reliability of a diesel motor and the potential for 40 MPG would be a great boost to Subaru's lineup here in North America.

Letter to
Customer Service Subaru of America
Please add this letter to the long list of potential customers that are being sent elsewhere due to Subaru's lack of diesel options in North America.

Subaru's most efficient motor is the diesel boxer engine, but it is available everywhere except for North America. You should bring your diesel vehicles over here to help individual owners reduce fuel costs and help lower our collective dependence on foreign oil.

Subaru's insistence that there is no demand in North America for a fuel-efficient AWD vehicle is ridiculous. Look at Volkswagen, one of Subaru's close competitors. The huge majority of Jetta Sportwagons sold are diesel models.

Subaru is supposed to be a foreword-thinking and agile company. Now with Mercedes, Audi, VW, BMW, Jeep, Chevrolet, and Mazda selling diesel motors in passenger vehicles, it appears that Subaru is falling behind.

Not too long ago, Subaru of America was insisting that the WRX/STI was not worth bringing to North America. Now, look at the fan base that you've created. Let the customers have what they want, and stop driving us to the other brands that are embracing diesel.

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