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Subaru: Help Save Dogs From Hot Cars

Every summer, dogs die from being left in hot cars. People don't realize how quickly a car can become an oven -- on a mild summer day, temperatures inside the car can get over 100 degrees in half an hour or less, even with the window cracked. In the time it takes to run into a store, a dog left in a hot car can suffer from heatstroke and could be dead before her owner returns to the parking lot.

If more people know about the dangers of hot cars, fewer dogs will die this summer.

I love Subaru's "Dog Tested, Dog Approved" commercials. If this dog-loving company created a commercial with a message warning people not to leave their dogs in the car, it could reach countless dog owners and save lives.

I love my Subaru, and appreciate all the ways the company has already shown how it cares about dogs. Join me in asking them to use their fun and creative "Dog Tested, Dog Approved" ads to get out an important, life-saving message about the dangers of hot cars.

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