Subaru Don't Destroy Florida Wetlands For New Dealership

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As the owner of several Subaru vehicles and the founder of a non-profit organization that advocates on behalf of animals, humans, and the environment, I was shocked to learn that Subaru has plans to open a car dealership on the Wekiva River located in Florida.

I have personally owned a 2000 RS Impreza, 02 bug-eye WRX, and my current car is a 08 STI wagon that has a custom-built IAG stage 2 short block. I have a close relationship with my local dealer. Several of the mechanics are good friends of mine, and when I go to the Subi dealership on Atlantic Blvd. in Jacksonville, it feels more like family then your standard car dealership. 

I have supported Subaru over the years due impart to its environmental stance and sustainability practices. That is why I am sad to hear that Subaru has plans to open a car dealership on 71 acres of Protected Wetlands clear-cutting at least 44 acres of precious forest that is home to a vast array of plants and wildlife. I have driven my Subaru into many of Florida's forests, and wetlands. I have seen first hand the devastating effects of deforestation. 

I have always believed that Subaru cared about this planet. I thought I was supporting a company that placed the planet over profit and found value in safeguarding its natural resources. If you follow through with your proposal, you are not whom I thought you to be. 

I ask you Subaru to stand behind your ecologically sound practices and help protect, not destroy one of the few natural spaces left in Florida. 


Adam Sugalski—Executive Director at OneProtest