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Ark Survival Evolved is a game that is on all Platforms being PC/XBOX/PS4 and now mobile devices.

Recently the game has undergone some changes that many players had to then adapt to, Whether it was the Flyer Nerf, Giga Nerf, Griffin Nerf etc. This game has been through many changes that have made the community at the upmost disappointed; however their is A BIGGER problem on Ark Survival Evolved that is changing the game for the worst, that isn't adaptable and making people quit the game even further. That problem being is Mega Alpha Tribes and Mega Alpha Alliances. Mega tribes can consist of hundreds of members whereas the alliances can be of thousands. Many people hate this meta and find it the only way to play the game... 

Now you may look at it as a easy way to play the game and avoid it at all times but you can either join the Mega tribes OR you can go to your own server and pray you can get more then 20 people to make it at the very least enjoyable. Because building as a solo tribe or small one for that matter wont work. If the Mega Alpha Tribe needs space they will get rid of you. THIS IS HAPPENING TO ALL SERVERS

Why can't you just join them?

Lets say you join them.. Now what? Your well being of having a solo to small tribe kept you into Neutrality with everyone you could encounter right? But you joined a Mega Tribe ; Not knowing much about whom they are, what they do, how they play etc... Lets say you join them, Then one day the server floods to 200/70 people and your base is gone and you witness alone lagging extremely (Ddos) You getting Undermeshed.. Just all kinds of madness.. But the whole point was to play with your friends right? Nope, You are now forced to be apart of something you never wanted to be in. Now that you have done that you just wasted so much time in the game building to what you were, being forced to join A Mega tribe you never wanted to be in just to see yourself get raided.

That happens to anyone!

Oh yes it could happen to lots.. But Mega Tribes upon every mega alliances keep lists of their enemies and servers they stay on.. If they hate you, they will by the daily have trolls sent out, they wil ddos your server, undermap what they can etc.. Just make your game unplayable. They accomplish seeing the enemies fall.. You joined their enemies remember? Right now you honestly don't want to be a part of it and you might slowly lose the feeling to even play ark right now considering the boredom and loss you are witnessing, just because you joined a Mega Tribe.  Long story short, YOU HAVE HIGHER CHANCE OF GETTING MESSED WITH IF YOU ARE IN A  MEGA because you have THOUSANDS OF ENEMIES with YOUR SERVER LIST on IT!


Due to my research of asking Legacy players on Ark and the complaints of other pvp'ers whether they are a big tribe or not, Many people would find it easier if the servers had a Tribe Member limit and reduced to none of alliances. Legacy players have said  that the reason they stay where they are today is mainly because Mega Tribes have LEFT to the Legacy servers and went to the new officials!

Twitter name: Bubbly Wums or known as Jennifer Stuber made a poll asking the Ark Community what they enjoy more in revolving to the tribe sizes that they prefer.

13% Preferred Solo (1)

20% Preferred Duo (2)

20% Preferred Mega Tribes (10+)

47% Preferring Small tribes (5 to 10)

Source can be found here:

47% DOUBLED over mega tribes ALONE, Which only proves my argument that everyone would rather have small tribes!

Here's what I think the new change should be.

You can either get rid of Legacy servers OR you could let them stay.. However if you were to add these new servers with restrictions it would require a placement for the servers. (Just like Legacy, Official, PC Unofficial, Dedicated etc.) Shortly after IF the Legacy servers fully die out, then that would give the opportunity to make the current Official servers into Legacy and change the ones that I recommend into the new officials!

  • 10 to 15 Members (Devs get to choose this one, for 5 members is TOO SMALL)
  • 0 to 3 Alliances ( It would balance out the server where their could be an actual 30 vs 30 war or close to a 35 vs 35)

Thats it! That is all we would need and it could change the game for the better! Maybe if their was a Tame Limit in tribes like their used to be that would probably help it as well on reducing lag and if adding a higher cap where it's not 70 but to near 100 would be best fitting as well that way their could be better pick on alliances making bigger sizes for a well fitting war. 


One thing I enjoy about A Survival game is meeting new people, going to new servers, building new places etc. The PVP is much more fun starting out and we get the ability to re tame dinos that we would no longer have benefits for. I've heard many say that they would not go to the new servers and at that time it was when Legacy was official servers.. Many people left Legacy to go to the new servers and it all started from there. Giving people a different start, a different story and a chance to have fun and not be forced to join a tribe... That is what we all need.


The devs should find it a LOT easier to find the people who are responsible of ruining the game for others, Whether it's under meshing or ddosing, Punishment can be added a Lot easier then it has been considering the tribes will be small and A lot of people wont have to suffer through a dev wipe like   A-Team on PC had to.

Wildcard, You have made A Beautiful game, But the PVP side of it has changed a LOT and that is the most played part of the game.. This is what we all look forward to seeing and we hope these changes will be taken into account.

Their has been Legacy Server lists shown from all Platforms here in this video.

BAMs Video

Their has been a forum post made to get insight from others.



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