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BERSERK is an epic, fantasy graphic novel that follows Guts, a swordsman in a medieval setting. Guts' journey takes him through a stunningly detailed world brimming with bloody battlefields, demonic creatures, and political deceit in a world on the brink of collapse. BERSERK pulls no punches. It is certainly not for the faint of heart or mind. Be prepared to see intestines and grey matter fly when Guts unleashes his Dragon Slayer, a giant, 6-foot-long "sword".

With a 1000-year long, mythical history and a cast numbering in the triple digits, BERSERK is one of the few series today that benefits a close, detailed reading.

Also adapted into a one season (25 episode) animation, BERSERK was released in 2002 America to eager fans nationwide.

The anime ends at a critical point in the story, the eclipse. Guts is being held down, forced to watch Casca being raped by Femto. In the manga (volume 13), Skull Knight bursts through the sun above the scene and attempts to strike Void with his sword. He is repelled and escapes with Guts and Casca on horseback. Femto is about to attack them, but stops himself. Later, Skull Knight drops Guts and Casca off at Godo's hut in the mountains so they can recover.

When Guts awakens, Casca has lost her sanity and regressed to child-like behavior. In despair, Guts escapes the cave and laments the loss of his friends. As night falls, Guts is haunted by spirits. Skull Knight appears and tells him the nature of the new world he is living in, thanks to the brand on his neck. Guts rushes off to protect Casca. He finds her in the middle of birth to a demonic child. Casca was pregnant with Guts' child when Femto raped her. The result is a deformed child that chose an evil nature, and posesses supernatural powers. Guts gathers equipment at Godo's and sets off on his lonely quest for revenge, leaving Casca behind.

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