USM's UPD Bringing Back Campus Escort

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Hello Everyone!

Recently, the issue of sex trafficking has been at an all time high, especially around the USM campus and surrounding areas, which has been trending on Twitter in the Hattiesburg area and around the US. This year, the University Police Department, UPD, has stopped the actions of campus escort once it hits dark. As a female, I feel as though this should brought back only because of my safety. Like myself, I do not feel safe on the University of Southern MIssissippi's campus anymore because of this. This is also because UPD no longer has officers sitting in the booths at the dorm gates, nor do they patrol around the campus after 5 pm. 

To my fellow students, we all know that there aren't as many student parking lots, in which we all have to park in the parking garage and/or commuter parking lot, and walk the long distance to our cars if we have night classes. Would you all like to at least, especially ladies and some male students, have a campus escort since we are not allowed to carry pepper spray or tasers on this campus? Wouldn't you all like to, at least, feel safe on this campus again? 

If you sign this petition, you are not only making a impact to make our campus safe again, but making future students who see what we post on social media, Twitter for example, want to come here?